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The Treasure of your Mind





October 2015  
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The book describes in a simple and genuine way the experience that led the author to the "Treasure of Mind" and brought her to live in a condition of calm and fulfillment that allowed her to achieve some goals she set herself during her life. A recipe founded on some attitudes that, if adopted, can simplify your life. The author analyses the behaviors to achieve happiness, starting from the awareness of owning the key to the "Treasure of Mind". From the art of appreciation and  feeling grateful, of being kind and gracious, straight to the concentration about positive feelings, meditation and relaxation. As everything is energy, our thoughts are energy and they vibrate at the same frequency of the Universal Mind according to law of attraction. Imagining good things, we can bring them to life, because everyone  becomes what he thinks.In a particularly bad moment, like the one we are living, trying to do something new in order to live better can be the charming start of a path to happiness. The book also reports some exercises useful to the ones approaching the positive thinking.

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